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Professional Skills Diploma In Electrical And Electronic Engineering
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Languages French, Sinhalese
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About Dinali

Hi! I just moved to Melbourne. It's been one of my dreams to study abroad for a long time. I'm going to stay here for a long while. I'm studying engineering, so yeah it's going to be quite the time.I want to live the full experience of being a Melbourne student. I love reading, tech, binge watching and I love to cook. A bit of a perfectionist, not to the point of annoyance, only a few steps behind.

I'm really looking forward to a fulfilling few years in Aussie


Become one nerdy electronic engineer and build computer chips. Includes, being a great programmer. Then somewhere down that line, I'll find where the fantasies of my childhood reading merge with the real-world engineering. That is, once I start-up my own entrepreneurship.

Work style

I've demonstrated a considerably good talent at public speaking.

I've kept a good record of leadership. I am known to a have a keen memory and logically thinking capacity. I am known to show a lot of dedication and an unrelenting drive towards my goals.

Education & Work

High School Swinburne University Of Technology

Volunteer Experience


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