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I have worked a lot of different jobs. The longest job I had was working as a fire sprinkler system estimator and system designer for Paramount Fire Systems. I also worked as an office administrator there.

I worked as a delivery, set-up, and take down for a company that designed, manufactured, and rented rustic-style furniture.

I also worked as a greenskeeper and in a retail plant nursery.

I recently finished a working holiday in New Zealand. There I had many different types of jobs.

I have worked for an event production company, as a waiter, in vineyards, traffic control, detailer, warehousing, and as a wwoofer. I worked on a sheep & beef farm, milking cows, tending to pigs, and more.

I’ve learned the value of a hard day’s work. I’ve learned that if you want to do something you have to work hard to accomplish it. I know how to do that.


I want to travel the world without flying. I'm not interested in tourist attractions, monuments, and museums are only okay. I'd like to spend my time around the world volunteering and helping people.

Work style

Excellent communicator.

Hard working.



Lots of work/life experience.



Work well with teams or alone.

Education & Work

High School San Diego State University
San Diego State University Business Administration Management20132016

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