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  • Patrick S.

  • Hans-Ehrenberg Gymnasium, Bielefeld, Germany
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Professional Skills -
Qualification Basic Knowledge About The Barista, RSA Certificate
Languages English, German
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About Patrick

I am a German student currently staying in Melbourne on a Working Holiday visa and I will be staying here for at least 4 months. Therefore, I am looking for a job in hospitality, such as an all-rounder in a café or restaurant, barista, waiter, receptionist, kitchen hand, etc…

I am familiar with coffee machines, since I practise making coffee in a café.

I have done an RSA course in Melbourne, which is valid everywhere Australia apart from NSW.

I have done a 5 week English course in Perth, where my English became even more fluent than before, helping me to show people that I am a passionate, friendly, communicative person who is always keen to learn!

I like to have an healthy lifestyle, I am trying to eat less meat and try to life organic, as long as I can afford me that food. I am also doing a lots of sports, I am used to swim and I jog at least every second day. I also like self development, reading books about that topic and trying to become better everyday!


Right now I am taking a gap year after I finished school.

I want to see the life from many different perspectives, and find the right direction for my future. When I will return back to Germany approximately next year in January, I will start studying.

Work style

I am a hard working person who works in a Team.

When I know what to do I am always passionate and want to keep on going with my task non stop until I perfectionate it.

I am really motivated and friendly.

I have done an RSA course and know the basics about coffee machines, how to make the different kinds of coffee. Right now I have to work on my latte art, but I do not have the chance right now, but I am looking forwards to every chance I can get!

Education & Work

High School Hans-Ehrenberg Gymnasium, Bielefeld, Germany

Volunteer Experience


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