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Professional Skills Effective Communication
Qualification Industry Problem Solving, Food Safety, Responsible Service Of Alcohol
Languages Marathi, Telugu, Marwari, Hindi, English
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About Jitesh

I am an outgoing person who likes to socialise and interact with as many new people as I can. I like to learn new skills and develop my knowledge to the best. I am always aiming to be the centre of attraction in the crowd and people love me for that. I am really hard working and looking for every detail to be perfect while completing any work. Have gained experience in Retail, hospitality and also a construction supervisor. So I have gained a diverse skills and knowledge throughout my career.


My short term goal is to learn and develop as many skills as I can and utilise it for the betterment of the organisation. My long term goal is to be the best person in every sector I get in into.

Work style

Effective communication, Quick learner, Team-work, Leadership.

Education & Work

High School Swinburne University
Sankeshwar ElectronicsSales RepresentativeLeadership And Supervising Staff.20162017
Event Work ForceVolunteerTeam Work And Leadership Was The Main Role I Played Here.20182018
Delaware NorthFood & Beverage AttendantWorked In A Fast Pace Environment.20182018

Volunteer Experience


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